The Rising Competition between NASDAQ: AMD and Intel Corporation

The NASDAQ: AMD at or the Advanced Micro Devices, a worldwide renowned company specializing in providing semiconductor related devices. The company is very well engrossed in catering X86 microprocessors, as completely standalone devices not needing any extra support and are also sold and incorporated with ACU ( Accelerated processing unit), GPU’s and Chipsets as well, including many other products and technological devices used in gaming consoles. The company branched specializationincludes a segment for computing with graphics, another segment, the enterprise, and other segments. The segment of computing has services that cater to chipsets needs in devices like notebook processors and desktops, while the other segments specialized in processors that are embedded andservers, services in development.

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Stock details

The company has almost $1000 billion inthe capitalization of the market.The company has also heldit by a setback, and its shares have decreased by 15% in September. As of now, NASDAQ: AMD has taken the plunge and said that it is going to put out its brand new CPU and GPU this month. The first item to be revealed this month will be the “zen three architecture,” which will be out on the 8th of this month. The product is speculated to bring about 10 to 15% of gains to the least for the company. The next big launch for the month by the company will be the big Navi GPU, which will be revealed on the 30th of October.

Rivalry with other corporations

AMD has quite competed with Intel in terms of its processors. This gives the company a good chance to overtake Intel when it comes to performance with its processors, which gives out a major scope for the company to expand its reach two more number of server markets. All of this for sure leads to one conclusion that the competition will be tight; an AMD seems to be taking the leads as well.  Conclusively, the company has been doing a fairly good job and has a good number of assets to it. The month of October is going to be a fairly long one the company, For it decides if the throne it has exists in rivalry with intel and whether its latest releases in GPU are competitive enough to win the fight against NVidia

All in all, the financial status of the company is not at all staggering and holds a very good position with the least risk. You can check more stocks like NASDAQ: MAACU at before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.